Motor oil PROTEC S 10W-40 (205 L)

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: P-S10W40-205L


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PROTEC S 10W-40 is advanced multigrade semi-synthetic motor oil for use mainly in gasoline engines, which has an increased content of synthetic components and meets the requirements of the most common quality standards for today.

PROTEC S 10W-40 is recommended for all petrol (including turbocharged) and diesel engines of passenger cars, sports cars, jeeps, minibuses and small trucks operating today.

PROTEC S 10W-40 meets and exceeds the requirements of:


PROTEC S 10W-40 meets the requirements of:

MB 229.1 and others.

Performance features and benefits of PROTEC S 10W-40:

  • optimal viscosity value for quick and easy engine start at low temperatures, and also to maintain a reliable lubricant film at high temperatures;
  • low pour point for effective protection against wear and loss of useful energy at low temperatures;
  • low volatility to reduce loss of oil and high thermal stability to prevent its thickening;
  • excellent detergent and dispersing properties for prevention of all types of deposits and corrosion of the parts surfaces;
  • significant fuel economy compared to mineral oils;
  • stability of lubrication of piston rings, simultaneously ensuring their mobility and preventing the entry of gases and solid particles from the combustion chamber into the crank case;
  • the optimal ratio of physicochemical properties for engine protection when operating in urban and suburban modes;
  • compatibility and extension of the service life of all types of installed catalysts.

Typical characteristics

Viscosity Index


Kinematic viscosity at 100оС, cSt


Total base number, mg KOH per 1 g


Sulfated ash, %


Pour point, °C


Flash point (COC), °C



20L, 205L

Application range from -30°С to +40°С