Motor oil PROTEC F 5W-40 (20 L)

: P-F5W40-20L


: PVL motor oils

PROTEC F 5W-40 is one of the best achievements of “KSM PROTEC” in production of lubricating materials for internal combustion engines. It is advanced multigrade synthetic motor oil that has 5W-40 viscosity grade and ensures the reliability and durability of modern engines, effectively lubricating and protecting their parts, extends the service life of the turbocharging and exhaust aftertreatment systems.

PROTEC F 5W-40 is recommended for all gasoline and diesel engines of passenger cars, sports cars, jeeps, minibuses and small trucks (including forced) operating today.

PROTEC F 5W-40 meets and exceeds the requirements of:


PROTEC F 5W-40 meets the requirements of:

MB 229.3, Renault RN 0700/0710, VW 502.00/505.00 and others.

Premium quality of motor oil PROTEC F 5W-40 provides the highest performance level:

• stable protection and prolongation of engine service life:

+ prevention of wear and corrosion of pistons, rings, crankshaft and other engine parts due to stable oil film on the surface, sealing gaps and low ash content of the oil

+ prevention of overheating of parts and accumulation of solid particles

+ protection and prolongation of the catalyst system operation

+ prevention of the formation of carbon deposits, varnishes, sludges in any operation mode

• easy start at all temperatures:

+ guarantees easy pumpability and filterability in cold conditions

• fuel economy:

+ provides increased engine power while reducing fuel consumption

• low oil consumption:

+ serves longer due to thermal stability

• reliability in severe operating conditions:

+ performs all functions during short and long trips, extreme temperatures

Typical characteristics

Kinematic viscosity at 100оС, cSt


Viscosity Index


Total base number, mg KOH per 1 g


Sulfated ash, %


Pour point, °C


Flash point (COC), °C



20L, 205L

Application range from -35°С to +40°С