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Преимущества и недостатки, популярность и перспективы, где использовать и где не стоит?
ШРУС-4 - смазка эксплуатационные характеристики которой многие недооценивают. Мы поможем вам в этом разобраться - в чем отличие смазки ШРУС-4 от ЛИТОЛ-24. Взаимозаменяемы ли они?
TEMOL sponsored AMIGO2019 off-road racing enthusiasts! Classic winter rally-raid, which was organized by OffRoadMaster.
We pour PROTEC oils only in barrels of the world manufacturer, the company GRAIF, produced in Poland. This policy was adopted by the company in 2018.
PROTEC keeps on-going works on the introduction of its products at enterprises, conducting the tests and providing technical support and advice. How does it work?
The range of PROTEC greases now includes the high-temperature complex lithium grease PROTEC Multiplex EP 2.
In 2018 we completely renewed the product line of PROTEC hydraulic oils. Further in the review you’ll find oils we offer our consumers
PROTEC with the help of the "LABORATORY AUDIT “OIL DOCTOR”" program will provide an opportunity to monitor the "health" of your equipment without involving an expensive specialist of a rare profession.
The fullest information about PROTEC products is now displayed on the label. This goal was implemented by the PROTEC team in 2018 by placing all the data necessary for the consumer on the label and having finished rebranding.