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The PROTEC products line includes the range of lubricants in a tube of 400 grams. Professionals highly appreciate the quality of PROTEC greases and packaging. Here is more details about lubricants and their use.
TEMOL product line now includes brake fluids. We have completed the range of TEMOL products and are ready to offer a full range of fluids for your car.
Multigrade oils and lubricants for specific tasks of the TEMOL brand will appear on the market in 2018. Tubes, tubes - usability and high performance.
The high quality of TEMOL engine oils is confirmed by official Mercedes-Benz approvals!
TEMOL team at the top of Mont Blanc!
By the autumn-winter season 2018 we are preparing a line of TEMOL liquids for the window washer. Convenient packaging, pleasant aroma - these are TEMOL liquids for washers that will not let you down in any weather.
TEMOL cooling liquids continue to conquer the market. We make a product of European quality on BASF additives.
The rebranding of TM TEMOL was completed in 2018. TEMOL provides the consumer with products, meeting the latest quality standards.
PROTEC took part in the exhibition AGRO-2018, sending in some novelties, as well as products that have already gained popularity in the market.